Willow Oaks Equestrian Center​


At Willow Oaks you'll find a thoughtful, goal-oriented approach that enables riders to get the most from their horse. In our horseback riding lessons, we teach correct fundamentals to become more secure, confident and effective, leading to enhanced results in the show ring. 
We teach riders of all ages and abilities; whether you are a beginner just learning the roaps, or an advanced horseback rider looking to polish skills for the compitition arena, we can help. 
We offer private and group lessons. Seasoned reliable school horses are available. We also have horses available to our students for lease and partial lease. 

Introduction to riding

Riding Fundamentals 

Riders are introduced to the basics of riding, including the proper position of the body, how to make the horse go (at the walk and trot) and how to stop and slow down 

Riders are guided by the trainer on a long rope, allowing the instructor to maintain control over the horse's speed and direction.

Skill Development 

Riders confirm the riding position and learn to communicate with the horse. Exercises are given for practicing steering and starting and stopping the horse are introduced and practiced. Control of the horses pace at the walk and trot is emphasized. Students learn to be independently in control of their horse, building muscle memory is the key.


 Introduction to Jumping 

Students learn how to canter and go over small obstacles, such as poles on the ground and small cross-rails. Correct approach and the use of the arena is emphasized, so when the rider is ready to start jumping higher, he or she understand the basics of getting to and over each jump.

Novice Jumping (Cross-rails to 2')

For riders with secure positions and control of the horses pace, courses of jumps are negotiated and feedback given. Riders learn how preparatory flat work impacts how a course is ridden. Correct position and control of the horse are emphasized. 

Showing Your Horse 

Competiting in horse shows is a way to put your riding skills to the test. Weather getting ready for your first show or trying to move up to the next division, we can help polish your riding and prepair you to meet the challange. This is also a great time to watch other riders and learn what it take to creat a winning round. Sportsmanship and teamwork are emphasized. Additional cost apply. 

Summer Camps


WOEC will run 4 new rider sessions of summer camp in June - August and 1 summer camp for existing students.  Please visit our Camps page for more information and to register.  

Please contact us for further information in horseback lessons, our summer camp, or for more information on our services and facilities.