Hub City Hunter Jumper Association

Willow Oaks produces and manages shows that are sanctioned and recognized by the local Hub City Hunter Jumper Association. The HCHJA shows are hosted at local equestrian centers around Lafayette Parish, they are designed to be affordable while still being competitive with good jumps, good courses, quilified judges and safe facilities. It is a perfect place for horses and riders to build a solid foundation as a team in the show ring. 


February 1-2 Cambridge Stables 


March 9-1 Willow Oaks 


April 13-14 Cambridge Stables


May 18-19 Knollwood Farm 


June 14-15 Cambridge Stables 


July 6-7 BME Equestrian


September 14-15 Academy of the Sacred

Grand Ceatou

October 5-6 Knollwood Farm


November 9-10 Willow Oaks 


January 2020 Year End Awards Banquet


Willow Oaks is a Full Service Hunter/Jumper Teaching and Show Barn

  that is involved in a large spectrum of the horse industry 

Excellence from Short Stirrup to Grand Prix Riding

We are a fun, supportive show stable where riders of all levels can enjoy being around horses and work to improve their riding  


Hub City Dressage and Eventing Association

The Hub City Dressage and Eventing Association (HCDEA) is a sister association of the Hub City Hunter Jumper Association (HCHJA) which is tailored to the eventers and dressage enthusiasts of Lafayette Parish. 


March 3 Joie de Vivre Farm Dressage Show

April 6 Willow Oaks Combined Test and Dressage Show

May 4 EnR Equine Charity Dressage Show

September 21 Willow Oaks Combined Test and Dressage Show

October 19 Joie de Vivre Farm Combined Test and Dressage Show

January 2020 Year End Awards Banquet

Willow Oaks Equestrian Center‚Äč


Interscholastic Equestrian Association

The Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) is one of the fastest growing youth equestrian organizations in the United States with over 12,500 members in 42 states. 

Willow Oaks is a member of the Interscholastic Equestrian Association. Willow Oaks Equestrian Team is open to riders in grades 9-12 from public, private or homeschooled. The competition season starts October 1st and ends in April at the National Finals. IEA is unique in that it offers equestrian athletes an opportunity to compete both on a team and as an individual athlete using a unique competition format similar to the format used by college equestrian teams around the United States. 

Riders are required to attend team practices and team meetings. Riders are to compete in five IEA shows per year per rules and regulations, so show appearances are carefully strategized with the coaching staff to maximize point accumulation for both the individual and the team.  

Classes are offered in four ability levels: beginner, novice, intermediate and open. 

2018/2019 Shows

October 13 - Blue Fox Farms, Houston TX

October 14 - Blue Fox Farms, Houston TX

January 12 - SugArena, New Iberia

January 13 - SugArena, New Iberia

January 27 - BREC - Baton Rouge, LA

February 23 - IEA Regionals @ The SugArena in New Iberia, LA

March 16 - IEA Zones @ Haras in Magnolia TX

April 26-28 - IEA National Finals in Harrisburg PA


United States Equestrian Federation

USEF serves as the National Governing Body for Equestrian Sport.  They provide leadership and vision for the equestrian sport by regulating competitions and promoting the safety and welfare of horses and riders while encouraging interest, participation and excellence at every level.

Willow Oaks works in conjunction with Hailey (Henderson) Rogge's show stable in Houston Texas, Top Line Sport Horse International LLC. www.christianrogge.com 

Giving Willow Oaks riders the opportunity to show all over the country at a variety of different large show venues. 


Jan 30-Feb 3 Katy Winter Series I

Feb 6-10 Katy Winter Series II

Feb 13-17 Katy Winter Series III

Feb 20-24 Katy Winter Series IV

March 2-3 Haras, Magnolia TX

March 6-10 Gulfport Sunshine Classic week IV, Gulfport Miss

March 14-17 Gulfport Winter Finale week V, Gulfport Miss

March 20-24 Wellington Equestrian Festival week 11, Florida

March 27-31 Wellington Equestrian Festival week 12, Florida

April 3-7 Pin Oak week III, Katy TX

April 27-28 Haras, Magnolia TX

May 4-5 Southwest Roundup, Katy TX

May 8-12 Fiesta Classic, Katy TX

May 30-June 2 Tryon North Carolina 

June 5-9 Tryon North Carolina

June 12-16 Aiken South Carolina

June 19-23 Aiken South Carolina

July 8-9 Haras, Magnolia TX

July 17-21 Showpark Racing Festival, Del Mar California

July 24-28 Showpark Racing Festival, Del Mar California

July 31-August 4 Showpark Racing Festival, Del Mar CA

August 7-11 Grand Prix de Santa Fe, Sante Fe New Mexico

August 14-18 Split Rock Jumping Tour, Santa Fe, NM 

September 14-15 Haras, Magnolia TX

September 18-22 Southwest Showdown Katy TX

September 26-29 Fall Classic, Katy TX

October 5-6 Haras Cup and Grand Prix, Magnolia TX

October 14-19 Pennsylvania National Horse Show 

October 22-27 Washington International Horse Show, DC

October 29-Nov 3 The National Horse Show, Lexington KY

November 6-10 Autumn Classic, Katy TX

November 12-17 Las Vegas National - USHJA Finals